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Bright Orange Red Nail Gel – Ignite Your Nails with Fiery Elegance

Elevate your manicure with Bright Orange Red Nail Gel. Our high-quality gel polish formula offers long-lasting wear and chip resistance, ensuring your nails exude the fiery elegance of bright orange red. Express your unique style with this versatile shade, perfect for crafting dazzling and enduring nail art designs. Shop now and enjoy a vibrant and electrifying look that lasts up to two weeks.

Bright Orange Red 059
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Bright Orange Red Nail Gel Polish 059 – Ignite Your Nails with Fiery Elegance

Bright Orange Red Nail Gel brings the fiery elegance of red and the vibrancy of orange together in a captivating hue. This bold and vibrant color is perfect for those who want to make a statement with their manicure. Our gel formula guarantees a smooth and even application, ensuring a flawless finish that radiates the electrifying allure of bright orange red. Bright Orange Red Nail Gel is the ideal choice for individuals seeking to ignite their nails with a burst of fiery beauty.

Long-Lasting and Chip-Resistant

Our Bright Orange Red Nail Gel is meticulously crafted with a high-quality formula that offers long-lasting wear and chip resistance. This gel polish is designed to maintain its striking appearance for up to two weeks without chipping or fading, providing a low-maintenance and enduring manicure. With Bright Orange Red Nail Gel, you can enjoy the fiery allure of this bold color without the need for constant touch-ups. Your nails will shine with vibrancy and elegance for an extended period.

Versatile Shade for Dazzling Nail Art

Bright Orange Red Nail Gel is a versatile shade that inspires dazzling nail art creations. Whether you prefer intricate patterns or simple accents, this bold and vibrant color serves as a perfect canvas for various nail art styles. The electrifying hue adds a touch of drama and vibrancy to your designs, making it a versatile choice for expressing your unique style. Unlock your creativity and craft dazzling nail art with Bright Orange Red Nail Gel.


bright orange red nail gel polish 059

How To Apply Uv/Led Nail Gel Polish

If you want salon-quality, long-lasting manicures, UV/LED nail gel polish is your go-to option. Achieving a professional finish at home is easier than you think. Follow these steps for a flawless gel polish application:

Materials You’ll Need:

  • UV or LED nail lamp
  • Garjus UV/LED gel base coat
  • Garjus UV/LED gel colour polish
  • Garjus UV/LED gel top coat
  • Nail file and buffer
  • Alcohol-based nail cleanser or rubbing alcohol
  • Cuticle pusher
  • Nail primer (optional)
  • Nail polish remover
  • Cotton balls or pads

Step 1: Prep Your Nails Start with clean, dry nails. Use nail polish remover to eliminate any residue from previous polish. Push back your cuticles gently with a cuticle pusher. Shape your nails using a file and smooth the surface with a buffer for better adhesion.

Step 2: Apply Primer (Optional) For some brands, applying a nail primer before the base coat can enhance adhesion and extend wear. Check your gel polish instructions to see if this step is recommended.

Step 3: Apply the Base Coat Apply a thin layer of UV/LED gel base coat to each nail, making sure to cap the free edge (the tip) of your nails. This helps prevent chipping. Avoid getting the base coat on your skin. If any gel gets on your skin, wipe it off before curing.

Step 4: Cure Under the Lamp Place your nails under a UV or LED lamp for the recommended curing time. Typically, LED lamps cure in 30-60 seconds, while UV lamps take 2-3 minutes. Refer to your gel polish instructions for precise times.

Step 5: Apply the First Layer of Color Apply a thin layer of your chosen UV/LED gel color polish. Be precise and avoid contact with your cuticles and skin. Cap the free edge. Cure the polish under the lamp for the recommended time.

Step 6: Apply Additional Layers (If Necessary) For some lighter shades, you might need a second coat for full opacity. Apply another thin layer, cure it, and repeat if necessary.

Step 7: Apply the Top Coat Apply a thin layer of UV/LED gel top coat, ensuring you cap the free edge as well. Cure it under the lamp for the recommended time.

Step 8: Remove the Sticky Layer After curing the top coat, you might notice a sticky layer on your nails. Don’t worry; this is normal. Soak a cotton ball or pad in alcohol-based nail cleanser or rubbing alcohol and wipe each nail to remove the sticky residue. Your nails will be left with a glossy finish.

Step 9: Moisturise Your Cuticles Apply cuticle oil or moisturiser to nourish your cuticles and surrounding skin.

Your UV/LED gel polish manicure is now complete! Enjoy chip-free, long-lasting, and glossy nails for up to two weeks. Remember to always follow the instructions provided by your specific gel polish brand for the best results.

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